shittiest site on the internet, live from san diego
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PostSubject: BEST MYSPACE STREETTEAM AVAR   May 10th 2009, 5:13 pm

this motherfucker sent this message:

hey I'm e-team member for n1m and checked your stuff right now
All you need at the moment is to Get serious about promoting your music to your target audience on myspace

so look at their paqe and read this

How does one reach their target audience within Myspace
without being drowned out?

It takes serious planning to establish the right presence and
message followed by a strategy to properly reach your audience
in a way
that will bring them to your Myspace page and join your
community as a friend.

build your FANBASE, not just a friends network.

and to prove you won't get drowned out... E Team has 107518 friends

my reply:
o.k. i'm serious. so go out and promote us, take 20% of the money you make and send the rest to us. thanks. awesome.
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